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GOBO -Custom made with YOUR design or brand. (5 business day to fabricate.)

A Gobo (GOBO, Goes on Before Optics) is a laser cut metal stencil that is placed inside or in front of a light source, to control the shape of the emitted light. They are often used with stage lighting instruments to manipulate the shape of the light, which is cast over a space or object. A metal gobo with patterned holes allows only the desired shape or pattern of light through, casting a specific pattern of light and shadow into space

5 business days advance order

GoBO Package

$350.00 each

Welcome guests with a customize

branded design of your choice.

Included in the 24-hour rental:

  • Graphic Design

  • *Lazer cut metal plate

  • Heavy duty Trip-pod

  • ETC Source Four Theater Fixture

  • (750 Watts)

  • Delivery & Installation not included


"Custom GOBO production requires a minimum of 5-10 days or we can use your generic pattern.




Advertise your company with GoBOS projections.

Friends LA river gobo
Patient Pop
Hotel Fig pool gobo
UCLA dinner
Hotel Fig Patio
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