about us 

We are design & event marketing specialists.

Featuring battery-powered lighting for your instagram-able events of life.





Event Production  Services:

  • Bistro Lighting

  • Up lighting

  • GoBO/ Monogram

  • Press Media lighting

  • Spotlighting

  • Functional Lighting

  • Special Effects

  • Wedding Lighting 

  • Stagging & Audio

  • Event Planning

We begin by implementing fundamentals from our interior design training to all occasions and create custom installations. We take into account the vision, architecture, interior elements, colors, fabrics,  textures, technical specs, functional needs, safety issues, space circulation, and YOUR budget.

We provide the latest in battery-powered LED lighting, video mapping technology, and immersive event experiences. We are a tribe of multifunctional artists, designers - Creative Pros that ignite an Instagram-able environments for tailored experiences.  


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